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Vermil Archery

Thumb Ring - Lotus II - Plastic

Thumb Ring - Lotus II - Plastic

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Note: Plastic rings not recommened for bows over 40 lbs

Compared to Vermil's other guardless rings, the Lotus's key features are its large lip and angled string ledge.

The length of the lip protects more of the thumb tip from the string on a bad release, although it can impede fast nocking or certain styles of lock. Its broad, concave inner surface, which fits snugly over the thumb pad, facilitates consistent positioning and force distribution.

The characteristic string ledge is best seen from the side (3️⃣). Whereas the Lantern and Turkish (two right) have the bottom rim meeting the lip at a distinct angle, the Lotus (left) has the rim transition smoothly into its curved lip. This transition area is where the string sits, lending to a slightly deeper hook similar to the Victory.

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