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Vermil Archery

Thumb Ring - Lantern - Brass

Thumb Ring - Lantern - Brass

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The Lantern is Vermil's latest model of ring, designed with heavy draw weights in mind and inspired by Ottoman/Turkish, Persian, and Mughal rings. Its design is a pretty typical representation of a short-lipped guardless ring, with the only somewhat unusual feature being the slightly concave outer surface of lip.

As the first of Vermil's shallow hook rings we've featured (Turkish up next), this ring should provide a crisp release if used correctly, although the short lip has a tendency to punish beginners who release with a tense thumb. Like the earlier Victory and Lotus, the Lantern also takes its name from a ring described in Gao Ying's "An Orthodox Introduction to Martial Archery" namely "The Lantern 一盞燈"

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