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Metbows Dizdar - In Stock

Metbows Dizdar - In Stock

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The Turkish bow of the Ottoman Empire - one of the few places in the world where archery reached its zenith. The Dizdar is a modern take on this traditional design, handcrafted in fibreglass resin. This relatively uncommon construction method allows for , replicating the elegant tulip-form of the originals in a way unmatched by other models

- closest produced bows to museum examples, with the tulip form they when fully drawn.

Due to one-piece resin construction:

  • Durability
  • Low GPP
  • Dry firing
  • Overdraw
  • Weather conditions such as humidity, rain, hot or cold

- small and light, nimble fast, robust

Unstrung length: 118 cm (NtN 112 cm)
String length: 100.5 cm
Brace Height: 18 cm
Recommended draw length: 28-29” (maximum 30”)
Poundage: 25-50 lb (special order up to 150 lb)
Minimum arrow weight: 3.7 GPP

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